WordDive Launches a New Solution to Boost Your Motivation

March 12, 2014

Try WordDive's new exercise mode to boost your motivation

Hello everyone!

What is the cornerstone of learning a language?
Our experience suggests it is motivation rather than grammar, spelling, or anything else.

If you have ever learned a foreign language, you know how hard it is at times to stay focused on your goal. This is why we at WordDive always try to come up with new and better solutions that will boost your motivation and help you achieve better results.

Today we would like to introduce our new, fully reworked version of the WordDive Exercise mode.

Now you can set yourself daily and and weekly targets and work toward these targets with Mikko. You can also keep track of your overall learning progress and receive feedback from us. And last but not least, there are some surprises hidden along the way, which, we hope, you will enjoy.

We encourage you to give the new WordDive Exercise mode a try!

When you next log in to WordDive to exercise, just click the “TRY IT OUT” button in the top left corner of your screen. Don’t worry, you can easily return to the classic mode at any time.

Happy your language learning!
WordDive team

P.S. We are eager to know what you think about the new functionality, so do leave us a feedback on the website. You will see a button for that in the top left corner. Every comment matters!

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