WordDive courses for the Finnish matriculation exam: 96% would recommend!

August 11, 2014

Get E in English

Originally published 11.8.2014, updated 26.1.2021

Do you know a student who is preparing for the matriculation exams in Finland? Give them a hint that WordDive has popular preparatory courses for the English and Swedish exams. But do it quickly: the best results are achieved when there is no hurry to finish the course before the exam.

96% of those who took the English course and 95% of those who took the Swedish course would recommend it for those taking the exams. What’s more, we also give a full grade guarantee:

Get at least grade E (Eximia cum laude approbatur) or C (Cum laude approbatur) in the English matriculation exam or we will refund the course fee (89€).

Get at least grade M (Magna cum laude approbatur) in the Swedish matriculation exam or we will refund the course fee (69€).

Read more about the conditions here (in Finnish): English   Swedish

Get M in Swedish

Show this to a student and help them to achieve top results!

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