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WordDive brings you the most effective tools for language learning!

October 3, 2016

WordDive gives you great results fast because it customizes the exercise contents and speed of progress individually for each user. In addition to this, WordDive also provides other features that make learning efficient, motivating and effortless. Are you already making use of all the following tools?

 mikko_tumbupSet your goal – WordDive chooses the right courses

All the users of Comprehensive Course Packages can set a goal for their studies. The Set Your Goal tool allows you to see all the relevant courses and their recommended order of study at a glance. From the beginning of your studies, you will only study courses that are important for your goal, and you will reach it in no time!

Find your ideal pace easily

Managing your use of time is important in order to find time for your language studies. WordDive’s week-planning tool helps you to plan a study schedule that suits both your daily routines and the goals you have set for yourself. Your motivation increases when you can easily check how close you are to the next level!

Start from the beginning and revise what you have learned

Have you taken a break from your studies and wish to revise a course you have already completed? WordDive has a feature that allows you to revise a single course or even start a whole language from the beginning.

Choose a course type that suits you the best

Some language learners want to expand their vocabulary, some want to prepare for exams, while others prefer to concentrate on grammar. That is why WordDive offers the users various types of courses. The latest addition is the Comprehensive English course package’s Text Exercises course, which allows you to learn grammar with text-based multiple choice exercises. Have you tried this new course type already?

Learn in your own style

With WordDive, you learn by using multiple senses. You will practice spelling, pronunciation, listening and reading all at the same time, which leads into versatile language skills quickly. WordDive supports all different learning styles, which makes it suitable for everyone!

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