What is the best way to exercise with WordDive?

January 23, 2017

With WordDive you can learn languages when and wherever you want. WordDive’s features and efficient tools support your independent language studies, and you will obtain exceptionally fast results: you can learn a new language in only three months!

Especially in the beginning of the their studies, some may still be wondering about the best way to exercise with WordDive. We have gathered five tips that help you to get the most out of your WordDive exercises – check them out and you will learn even faster!

Tip 1: Forget about long exercise sessions

With WordDive, you get better results with several short exercise sessions than with fewer but longer ones. Half an hour a day is much better than two hours twice a week. Your brain’s learning and memory capacity are significantly reduced when you are stressed, so remember to take breaks and rest. Don’t stress over your studies – with WordDive you will succeed!

Tip 2: Don’t get stuck if you don’t find the right answer easily

When you come across a tricky exercise and can’t come up with the right answer, don’t hesitate to take a look at it or listen to it. With WordDive you learn the language simultaneously through hearing and sight, and several repetitions only make the connection between the picture and the study item stronger in your long term memory. Look, listen and repeat, and then move on!

Tip 3: Be brave and guess

If an answer comes to mind, just write it in the answer field. Avoid unnecessary self-criticism: the subconscious is important for learning, so let it roam freely and write whatever you have in mind. After a couple of repetitions, you will surely remember the right answer!

Tip 4: Learn to think in the new language

If you have a hard time understanding what the image refers to, you can translate the right answer to your native language at any time. However, we recommend that you hit the Translate button only when it’s necessary: this way you will learn to think in the new language and your language skills develop a lot faster.

Tip 5: Play and have fun

Did you know that you learn better when you’re having fun? Pay attention to the points you’ve earned, compete with yourself and your friends, and get immersed in playing. Exercising becomes addictive and you will learn almost without noticing!


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