Learn German pronouns with our new grammar course

June 17, 2015

Pronouns are an essential part of our everyday language. For example, when you want to talk about other people without using their names, you need pronouns. When you say, “Do you know the girl who just walked by?”, you use two different pronouns: you and who.

The German language has a wide range of pronouns, which you need to know in order to express yourself in German. WordDive’s new German grammar course Pronouns teaches you the most important German pronouns and their declension in both singular and plural.

German pronouns

With this grammar course, you will learn the different pronouns by filling in the gap in a sentence with the correct form. This helps you to learn both the declension and the usage context of the pronouns.

German pronouns take the same forms as nouns, which means they change according to the grammatical case. For example, ich sehe ihn and ich gebe ihm das Buch use different forms of the personal pronoun er.

For all users of the Comprehensive German course package, this new grammar course is already available.


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