How to reach flow state and an optimal learning experience with WordDive

February 23, 2015

In flow state, your whole capacity is used for targeted activity and you’re completely absorbed in what you’re doing. According to psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, people are at their happiest in moments like this.

The concept of flow can be applied to language learning as well. Like any other practicing, language learning can sometimes be boring and frustrating. But when you get into the flow, learning is efficient, the feeling good, and motivation high. Studies proceed without even noticing.

That’s why WordDive’s courses have been designed so that it’s as easy as possible to reach the flow state. According to flow theory, there are three conditions that have to be met to reach flow state:

  1. A clear set of goals
  2. Immediate feedback
  3. Challenges and skills are in balance

When studying with WordDive, you see, hear, think, listen and pronounce. Using multiple senses concentrates all attention on studying, which leaves no room for external disturbances.

In addition, the goals are clear: Every answer is a step towards the daily goal. The weekly goal can be set individually so that you are able to achieve your bigger goal on time – whether that goal is managing to say something on a business trip or holiday, or being able to chat with a foreign friend.

You get immediate feedback on every answer, exercise, day and week. You receive both visual feedback and points after answering. The bar on top shows how the exercise is proceeding. After the exercise, a summary of the results is shown. On the Results page, you can check how you are proceeding whenever you want.

WordDive learns to know each user and quickly adapts the content and speed of progress individually. Thus, the development in the challenge and in the student’s skills are in balance.

Learning with WordDive is a rewarding, game-like experience that gives confidence and develops language skills. Dive into language!

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