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November 4, 2015

We have once again received excellent feedback for the intensive English course that prepares high school students for their final exams. This fall, 98% of students who completed the preparatory English course recommend the course. Half of the students grade WordDive a straight 10 on a scale from 1 to 10.

This amazing result is the fruit of continuous development work. For us listening to customers, asking for feedback and improving the service accordingly are matters of honor.

This year, almost 10% of all Finnish high school seniors take part in WordDive’s preparatory courses.

Feedback improvement

This fall, 98% of high school students recommend WordDive!

Better grades show in the feedback

In the spring of 2015, the students who completed WordDive’s preparatory course were 75% more likely to receive an Eximia or Laudatur (Finnish grades corresponding to A and A-) than all graduates on average.

If you take into account that the senior students of Finnish high schools have been studying English for about 10 years before the final exams, the result of this 45-hour preparatory course is a staggering proof of the power of individual optimization and the use of multiple senses – the very foundations of our method.

P.S.The preparatory courses for the spring 2016 finals are already available. Our promise stands: get a top grade or get your money back. If you know any students preparing for the final exams or other people interested in language learning, tell them about WordDive!

More information on the preparatory courses for Finnish high school students:

More information on the preparatory course for German high school students:

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