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Earn points, learn permanently!

October 17, 2016

Learning with WordDive is fun: when you exercise, you earn points for your answers and can track your progress in real time. Game-like features make exercising addictive, and you will learn almost without noticing!

The number of points depends on different factors, including the exercise type and how well you know the study item you are practising. In the following, we will take a look at how the points are calculated and what they tell you about your learning.

The closer to the right answer, the higher the score

As you learn new items gradually, you also earn points for answers that are almost correct. Before you learn an item permanently, every answer brings you 0-8 points, depending on how close you are to the correct answer and whether you have chosen to use some extra tips such as listening to the right answer. If you learn quickly, you can also earn some bonus points.

Points and Permanents

Permanent learningThe icon in the answer window shows you how well you did. You can learn more about the answer icons here. You can track your progress and see your overall points easily with the diagram on the Results page.

On the diagram, you can also see the number of items you have learned permanently. One permanently learned item is equivalent to 100 points, so every time you manage to gather together 100 basic and bonus points, you have learned an item permanently.

Permanent learning means WordDive has ensured that a strong imprint of the item has been established in your long-term memory. You are able to understand, read, write and say the item with ease, and there is a 80% probability that you will remember it after one year even without revision. Congratulations!

It is precisely permanent learning that makes the WordDive method so effective: you will not go over the same things year after year, and instead of struggling, your working memory can concentrate on what you really want to say. You will advance by leaps and bounds towards fluent and versatile language skills!


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