Dive into a new Italian verb course!

March 1, 2016

Buongiorno! We have great news for all of you studying Italian: our first Italian grammar course has now been published! The course focuses on Italian verb conjugation in the present tense, and it’s suitable for all elementary-level students as well as those who want to brush up their Italian skills.

Italian verbs are a bit trickier to conjugate than English verbs. All Italian verbs have six forms that correspond to each of the six persons used as the subject, which may sound quite challenging. However, learning how to conjugate verbs is well worth the effort: you will express yourself more precisely, more effortlessly and in a far richer manner when you don’t have to burden your brain with a desperate search for proper verb forms. Besides, WordDive makes learning verb conjugation easy and pleasant!

italian_grammarIn the Italian Verb conjugation in present tense course, you will learn:

  • to talk about common actions and daily routines.
  • to conjugate verbs in all persons both in affirmative and negative forms.
  • to know the different conjugation patterns of the regular verbs and some common irregular verbs.

Furthermore, the example phrases will teach you expressions of time used with present tense, as well as other useful everyday vocabulary. Try the course now and take a big leap forward in your Italian skills!

P.S. The new courses are part of the Comprehensive Italian course package, and they have already been added for the existing users.

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