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December 25, 2018

It’s nearly time to wrap up the year 2018, so now is a good time to stop and reflect on all the great things we have achieved together during the past year. That’s why we put together this blog post, compiling the most popular languages of 2018, the most read blog posts and all the other good stuff.

Most popular languages to learn in 2018

English  47%
Spanish  14%
Finnish  12%
Swedish  8%
German  5%

New in WordDive in 2018

WordDive 4.0 mobile app

The long-awaited release of the thoroughly developed and tested WordDive 4.0 mobile app took place last May. In the new app version, the old exercise types were combined into one efficient exercise, where the AI automatically chooses the best way to rehearse each study item. Top lists and daily and weekly goals were also updated at the same time.

Large study material renewal

In the beginning of November, we renewed the British English, Spanish, German, Swedish and Italian study material completely. The material was divided into three difficulty levels and new, more practically oriented study paths.

Course sizes shrank to approx. 40-60 study items, which made courses quicker and more motivating to complete. Study items were updated to be more relevant and useful in real life communication.

Prep course listening exercise

In December, the much-requested listening comprehension exercise was launched for the English and Swedish prep courses.

Our team of teachers worked hard to listen to old matriculation exams, to find and record suitable voices and to make the questions challenging enough. The resulting exercise includes an awesome cast of familiar voices, including YouTube stars, familiar to the students prepping for their exam.

Grammar hints

Throughout the year, we have answered the requests for grammar hints and added more of them to both prep courses and the most used general courses, such as basic English and Spanish.

Most read blog posts in 2018

1) The most common mistakes in language learning
2) How many words do you need to speak a foreign language?
3) Ten Spanish words to talk about the day of the dead
4) Learning sentence structure
5) The four cornerstones of language learning, Part 4: Speaking

Thank you so much for being our customer in 2018. We’re already excited about taking the app and your language skills to a whole new level in 2019!

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