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Samu Haber challenges German students

December 14, 2015

Samu Haber, singer and frontman of the Finnish pop-rock band Sunrise Avenue, has teamed up with WordDive in order to help German high school students succeed in their English final exams. Samu tested and completed the English prep course himself, and now German students have a chance to challenge him and try to complete the courses faster than the famous singer who uses English every day in his work. “I am pleased to be involved in launching a great product with…

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The three levels of learning

December 8, 2015

When you study with WordDive, you take steps towards mastering a language by learning study items. For example, the word apple is the core of one study item. You learn how to pronounce and spell “apple”, but you also learn its meaning, as well as the context in which it can be used, when you read and listen to the example sentence. The process of learning a study item will take you through different stages. We call these stages the…

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