French for Travelers

French for Travelers

For many users travel is one of the key reasons to learn French. And why not?

Knowing French is essential if you want to make the most of your trips to a country where it is spoken (and that is by no means limited to France). It will help you get immersed in the culture, expand your horizons, and connect better with the local people.

This is why we have created the French for Travel course package. It covers a wide range of travel-related topics and is designed to help you master the key vocabulary within the shortest possible time and without overwhelming effort.

French for Travel comprises four major courses, which cover different areas of language expertise required for travel.


Level: A1-A2


  • Important Words and Expressions
  • Me and Others
  • Travel and Accommodation

Travel 1

Level: A2-B1


  • More Words and Expressions
  • Doing Things
  • Shopping and Services
  • Time and Numbers

Travel 2

Level: B1-B2


  • Accommodation
  • From A to B
  • Necessities
  • Services
  • Meeting People
  • We Have a Problem
  • Experiences

Food and Drink

Level: B1-C1


  • Ingredients
  • In the Kitchen
  • Starters and Main Courses
  • Drinks and Treats
  • Matters of Taste

Verb Conjugation in Present Tense

Level: A1


  • Positive Verb Forms
  • Negative Verb Forms
  • Questions