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The Schlag den Samu prep course for the English matriculation exam can be completed independently online. It boosts the students' linguistic abilities to a level suitable for the matriculation examination.

We offer a clear guarantee: If the Schlag den Samu English prep course participants don't score at least 12 points in their English matriculation exam, they get the course fee (89€) back. See the conditions

And one more thing about the course: Samu Haber from Sunrise Avenue also completed the course, and he challeges you to learn English faster than he did. After every mandatory course you can check if you were able to beat Samu.

Schlag den Samu – he challenges you to learn English. Watch the video!


The Schlag den Samu prep course is adjusted for the matriculation exam 2016 and takes about 45 hours to complete (one hour = 45 min. of efficient studying). The individual course duration may vary depending on your personal starting level.

The prep course was developed especially for the English matriculation exam 2016 to reach the "allgemeine Hochschulreife", but the grade guarantee is valid also for pupils who take their matriculation exam in "Berufsoberschule" or "Fachoberschule". The grade guarantee is valid both for the written and the oral (Kolloquium) matriculation exam in English.

98 % of the 2015 prep course participants recommend the course to their fellow students.

Additionally, the prep course does not have fixed course times, so you can exercise at your own pace whenever you find the time.

Even in the worst case your English skills will improve significantly - free of charge!

Sandra Prep course participant 2015

I feel better prepared in my vocabulary and even notice an improvement in my linguistic abilities.

Laura Prep course participant 2015

I will recommend this course for sure, it eased my fear of the English matriculation exam a lot and I felt really well prepared! Thanks!

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How does the online prep course work?

The Schlag den Samu English prep course is completed online on the WordDive website. You can access the course pages using the login information granted after purchase.

The course can studied at your own pace from the day of purchase until one day before the matriculation examination. The program shows the study progress for each course in real time.

If you start the Schlag den Samu English prep course three months before the matriculation exam, you will finish it on time if you practice 40 minutes per day on four days per week when working at an average completion speed.

The English prep course for the matriculation examination 2016 is divided into thirteen subcourses:


Anticipated duration

Academic Linguistic Competence

Nature and Environment

7 h

Work and Study

5.5 h


1.5 h

Politics and Society

6 h


1.5 h


1.5 h

Grammar and Sentence Structure

British English Phrasal Verbs

3.5 h

Verbs and Basics

5 h

Grammar for German Matriculation Examination

3 h


2 h

Using Verbs

3 h

Language Comprehension

British English Expressions

3.5 h

Text Exercises

2 h


One hour equals 45 minutes of efficient learning. Depending on your course progress, you will also receive up to 10 course letters, which support your preparation for the matriculation exam with WordDive.

After you have completed the first mandatory course, you have the option to unlock free of charge additional material for your English exam preparation. However, you do not have to complete this material for the grade guarantee to be valid.

Your learning is clearly structured, and your own progress can be followed through easily understandable graphs.

The prep course structure has been altered on November 19, 2015. In the new course structure, the topics are divided more clearly into smaller units in order to ease your studies. Additionally, grammar and sentence structure exercises are now a larger part of the prep course than before.

All participants who have purchased the prep course for the matriculation exam 2016 already before the course restructuring will receive the new grammar and sentence structure exercises in the form of voluntary additional courses. The mandatory courses which need to be completed for the grade guarantee validity have not changed for them.

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How does the course prepare you for your matriculation exam?

The Schlag dem Samu English prep course aims at improving the students' abilities to the best possible level for the matriculation exam. The course structure is based on the analysis of the essential requirements from the past 10 years' matriculation exams.

The English prep course was developed by language experts. The WordDive study method uses multiple senses, which speeds up the learning process and enables permanent learning.

The program evaluates the personal abilities of every student and the speed of progress is adjusted and optimized individually.

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Will everyone get at least 12 points in their English matriculation exam?

Not every course participant will achieve 12 or more points in their matriculation examination. If the student's language skills are rather fragmentary at the beginning of the prep course or something unexpected happens during the exam, then top grades cannot be reached. However, course participation increases your chances to reach 12 points or more in your exam significantly.

In any case, all participants who complete the English prep course will have greatly improved English skills. If the English matriculation exam result is less than 12 points, then this improvement is free of charge.

For example, if you would score 6 points in your English matriculation exam without the prep course, but score 10 points thanks to completing the course, then you did not get 12 points - but still achieved a great improvement free of charge.


WordDive improves the language skills of its users efficiently via online courses. The company is situated in Tampere, Finland, and has customers in over 150 countries.

The development of the WordDive method started in 1987 and lead to the election as best online learning service of the year in 2011. “Let's use computers to support every student individually!”

Conditions and additional information

The student can get the full course price back if he or she takes the matriculation exam in English (written including or excluding the communication examination, oral/Kolloquium, basic course, advanced course), completes the Schlag den Samu English prep course one day before the exam at the latest, and does not score 12 to 15 grade points in the English matriculation exam..

The grade guarantee is valid if the student completes all mandatory courses of the prep course in time and claims a possible refund of the course fee according to the following schedule:

Credit class AA

Kreditklasse AA

Select your state in order to show your course conditions.

The request for refund of the course price for the prep course 2016 has to be submitted by July 31, 2016 via info@worddive.com.

The request for refund of the course price for the prep course 2015 had to be submitted by July 31, 2015.

For the refund, the student scans the official matriculation certificate showing the English matriculation exam grade in points and sends it via info@worddive.com to WordDive.

The request has to include the following information: the high school graduate's name, date of issue, type of English matriculation examination (written, oral, basic course, advanced course), and the grade in points. All other information can be made unreadable.

We reserve the right to obtain the students' approval for checking their English matriculation exam grades with the school office. We may perform random checks in order to make sure of the correctness of the submitted grades.

The refund of the course price to the bank account stated by the student will be made within one week after WordDive received the information mentioned above.

The Schlag den Samu English prep course ends automatically after the course duration is over. After the end of the course time, no further commitments or costs will arise.


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